F18 Carrier Landing Android Game Download

F18 Carrier Landing Android Game Freeb v1.5
F18 Carrier Landing is a realistic F18 simulated flight game, F18 is now in the United States navy game machine main Carrier, now, you through the Android mobile phone can in simulation of this famous aircraft in the aircraft Carrier Landing and take-off and executing tasks.
The jet plane takeoff and landing on aircraft carriers is quite a difficult challenge task, the whole aircraft carrier flight deck to more than 300 meters long, and for you to take off the deck of only 150 meters or so, and for your land deck is only 200 meters, not the excellent technology, you will easily get take-off and landing of failure.
F18 Carrier Landing Android GameF18 Carrier Landing Android Game apk
F18 Carrier Landing Android Game Freeb v1.5
The game features
-task system: enjoy six different tasks, under the United States navy pilot experience of life;
-first you more simple, just need to take off from the carrier, and then down to the ground of the air force the airport;
-different climate of the take-off and landing (the wind, rain and fog) and different time (the dawn, cloudy day, night).
F18 Carrier Landing Android Game Freeb v1.5

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