KartRider Rush Android Game Apk v1.0 Download

KartRider Rush Android Game Apk v1.0
KartRider Rush is a from South Korea's very cartoon car game title, in DuoGe platform have the game figure, now the game also land the Android platform, retains a consistent style!

KartRider Rush Android Game ApkKartRider Rush Android Game game
KartRider Rush Android Game Apk v1.0
The game is introduced
Do is from south Korean Nexon company production of the popular racing leisure online, the game has more than one circuit map to choose from, with a map support within four players present game. Game the way includes game and timing pattern, simultaneously also allowing the player to select items or is racing mode.
KartRider Rush Android Game Apk v1.0
The game has a small trading system, players who want to new circuit or game props items, they need to pay the money paid by the system. The game shadow, trees, obstacles, such as the ramp with PC version is not too big difference.
The game also interface with PC version similar, the most striking is the car of manipulative and reaction degree are very sensitive. The most popular players concerned about racing drift due to the need for extra press a key.
KartRider Rush Android Game Apk v1.0

Download Android Game Apk v1.0


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