SPL METER (SOUND)android application

Android Sound Pressure Level Meter using the phone microphone.
.Professional Edition.
.displays SPL in db SPL.
.displays SPL in A weighted db (A).
.displays SPL in C weighted db (C).
.displays max value.
.SLOW and FAST Modes
.logs db SPL, db(A) and db(C) separately into excel sheet.
.Calibration Option for both fast and slow mode.
.easy to use
.with help
SPL METER was developed for Android by Hashir N A
Package name : com.splMeterFullEdition
android apps SPL METER SUPPORT ON most of them android os mobile phones,
HTC Hero
HTC Magic
HTC Tatoo
LG Electronics GW620 Eve
Motorola DEXT MB220
Samsung I7500 Galaxy
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
HTC Mobile G1,, T-Mobile G2, HTC Magic G2, HTC Hero (G2 Touch), HTC Click / Motorola touchZINE-HD, Motorola Heron, Motorola Sawgrass, Motorola Sholes, Motorola Morrison, Motorola Ironman, Droid Devour / Samsung I7500 (aka Samsung Galaxy), Samsung InstinctQ, Samsung Spica, Samsung BigFoot / Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 / Philips V900 / Huawei U8230 / Dell Mini3i / General Mobile DSTL1 / PP5420 / Haier H7 / Qiji I6 /
android apps SPL METER click here to >>download


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